Welcome to Greenlawn Cemetery Extension Discussion Website

This site has been set up to allow the Croydon community and the residents of Warlingham to comment on the proposed new extension to Green Lawns Cemetery.

The blog will be regularly updated to keep all residents and interested parties involved of the progress during the planning and development progress.

The site is designed to provide information on the history and reasons of selection and the processes by which it undertakes its planning process. The feedback page is there for residents to pass comments and opinions about the development and to input ideas and thoughts they feel would be appropriate to a new cemetery.

Your Thoughts

We would like to hear your thoughts about the scheme, what you like or don’t like about it, any ideas you may have.  Please complete the FEEDBACK FORM.  Please give us your feedback by 15th January 2014. We will do our best to respond to questions and your comments will be considered at regular project meetings.

Needs Statement

Without the extension to Greenlawn cemetery bereaved people and the ethnic community will entirely lose the choice of a new grave, and a cemetery located south of Croydon.  The only option, if Croydon is to continue to offer new burial space to the bereaved, is to either extend Greenlawn or open a new cemetery site in the borough.  The latter option has been thoroughly explored as discussed in the introduction and no suitable site has been identified. To learn more about the implications read the full Needs Statement.


We have read the comments on the Tandridge planning website as well as the feedback posted to the blog and have drawn up the ANSWERS to many of the questions raised. These can be seen on the attached document which we hope will be informative. Please keep your feedback coming by clicking the link above.